Skin Clinic

March 2, 2017




at  our Palm Springs Branch surgery with Dr Paul Alsop


Dr Alsop provides a full body skin check service for the patients enrolled with the Papamoa Pines Medical Group.

These appointments are for 30 minutes and for enrolled patients only.

The skin check clinic operates on a Friday morning. Skin checks may be arranged outside of these times, but this will be in agreement with the doctor.

If you wish to have a skin lesion checked (up to 3) then book a normal appointment (15 mins), although a full skin check is always advised.


To help the doctor on the day of your skin examination, please consider the following:-


  • Please do not wear sunscreen or make-up for the examination. The examining doctor has the right to refuse to examine you without a refund if you are wearing any topical application to your skin that may mask underlying skin conditions or cancers.


  • A full skin check involves an examination of the whole of the skin (head to toe) where appropriate with an instrument called a dermatoscope (a specialist polarised hand-held scope used to detect skin cancers).


  •  If the doctor sees a mole of interest he will apply the dermatoscope to your skin to get a closer look, this involves scope-to-skin contact. He may or may not take a photograph.


  • The examining doctor will ask you to remove your clothes other than your underwear. It is routine practice for the doctor to bring in a chaperone when examining patients of the opposite gender. If you do not wish to have a chaperone present, please discuss this with the doctor as this is not normal, routine or best practice. 


  • Please aim to arrive approximately 10 mins prior to your appointment time to sign examination consent


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