If you have repeat medication on a regular basis, we would ask that you carefully read the slip that is attached to your prescription. It is important that repeat medication is regularly reviewed by a clinician therefore you will be required to attend for regular medication reviews - if your repeat prescription issues are at a maximum your clinician will indicate that an appointment is due.

When you are due your next prescription, please bring or post your request to us (this may be done not more than 10 days before your next issue is due) we also have a dedicated prescription request phone line on 07 542 2450 that is operated by our nursing staff. Please allow us 48 hrs to get your prescription ready for you to collect, prescriptions that are processed within 24 hrs by special request will incur an additional charge.


Repeat Prescriptions

Papamoa Pines offers a "repeat prescription" service to our enrolled patients whose medical conditions are stable and unlikely to cause complications or side effects. The request will first be checked by your doctor because he/she is concerned about your safety. The doctors may wish to see some patients rather than issuing a prescription for conditions requiring monitoring such as depression or heart conditions.

It is important that repeat prescriptions are reviewed by a clinician therefore all patients need to be seen at least twice a year. The only exception is for contraception for patients over 16yrs, where it may be possible to have a repeat prescription for 6 months:

  • To request a repeat prescription, please fill out the online form below. Alternatively you could please call us on 07 542 2450, or email us at
  • Your prescription will be ready the following day please allow 48hrs for processing.
  • We will call you if there are any problems with giving you a repeat prescription.
  • There is a charge for repeat prescriptions, including any uncollected scripts. Prescriptions can also be faxed to your pharmacy for $26 or can be collected at the surgery for $22.
  • Prescriptions ordered via the portal will only cost $17

Urgent prescriptions requested for the same day is a special service and will cost $29.00
Will be faxed to the pharmacy of choice not collected.

Will be faxed by 2pm if requested in the morning / 5pm if in the afternoon.

Urgent prescription requests should be phoned in to the dedicated nursing prescription line on 07 542 2450.

Repeat prescriptions

To enable us to process your request please take care to complete all required fields.


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