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Appointment Information

Important information regarding appointment slots

How to use an EpiPen

EpiPen® is a unique, cartridge based auto-injector containing adrenaline, the first-line simple steps, providing time to seek life-saving medical assistance.

Travel Clinic - vaccinations and advice

Our travel clinic is run by Dr Natasha Roberton at our Palm Springs branch surgery

Paediatric Paracetamol Calculator

Use your child's weight to calculate the correct Paracetamol dosage using the online calculator.

WorkplaceDrug & Alcohol testing

New service at Papamoa Pines run by Annette Heron


Immunisation can protect people against harmful infections, which can cause serious complications, including death.

Travel Questionnaire 2016

Complete this form and bring it to your travel medicine consultation

Drug Information

Click here for the Drug Information page

Prostate Cancer

Find out more about Prostate Cancer here

Meningoccocal Disease

More info about Meningoccocal Disease here...

What is Measles?

Watch this video for more information

Travelling to Bali - some advice in this section

Dengue fever is striking Bali with a vengeance this year as over 40 deaths from the viral disease have been reported on the island from the beginning of 2016.

Mobility Action Programme

Papamoa Pines Medical Centre been selected as one of a few practices to be involved in this program allowing exclusive access to our patients for the next 18 months.

Childhood Conditions

Children find themselves susceptible to a variety of common illness's - some general information is found here

Sore Throats

Why its important to have your sore throat checked out

Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotics will not cure common colds or the flu, read on for more information

Gluten Help

Gluten allergies vs intolerance is a huge topic
We have some information on this health topic

Bites & Stings

Information on management options for a variety of different types of bites and stings !

Cultural Awareness

Papamoa Pines acknowledges all of our patients for their own unique cultural ethnicity.

Medical Industry Gold Standard

Papamoa Pines proud to have been awarded professional accreditation by Cornerstone again

How to use a spacehailer

Useful information from the website www.asthma.org.nz on spacehailer technique

Asthma Emergency

useful information from the website www.asthma.org.nz on how to handle an asthmatic emergency

Scan your skin

Are you at risk of skin cancer ?