February 9, 2017



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Workplace Drug Testing & Pre-Employment Medicals --


Papamoa Pines Medical Centres are pleased to be able to offer your business the opportunity of workplace drug testing for your employees.

If you would like to discuss the opportunities for Drug Testing for your workplace we would be delighted to offer you a complimentary appointment to meet with our registered drug tester Mrs Annette Heron.

We would be delighted to work with you to develop your own workplace drug testing / screening requirements and help to provide a safer working environment for all of your employees.

We are also able to provide your business with our Employment and Pre-Employment Medical service.  Our experienced GPs and Nurses will carry out a head to toe assessment and provide a comprehensive written report for the employer or potential employer, as per your specific requirements.

Again, please feel free to call us or make an appointment to discuss how we can help you and your human resources team.


Many employers require job applicants to take a drug test, particularly those applicants who reach the final stages of the selection process.  But why? –

(1)    To avoid legal liability

If an intoxicated employee harms someone on the job, the employer could be legally liable for those injuries.  Workplace drug and alcohol use may also violate OSH and occupational safety laws.


(2)    To maintain productivity and save money

Drug and alcohol use can take quite a toll on any workplace.  Problems relating to drug and alcohol can cost a company thousands of dollars in productivity.  Employees who use drugs are three times more likely to be involved in a workplace accident and five times more likely to file a workers compensation claim!


Using drugs or alcohol can lead to employee impairment while at work. Poor concentration, carelessness, risk-taking behaviour and errors in judgement can occur. Alcohol and drug abuse not only affects work performance and productivity, but also results in higher rates of injuries, fatalities and absenteeism


Under law both employers and employees have a duty to ensure that the workplace is safe.

An employer should provide employees with the highest level of protection from risks as is reasonably practicable. A risk includes dangerous behaviour resulting from drug or alcohol use. Employees have a duty to take reasonable care for their own and others' safety. Employees must comply with any reasonable policy or procedure relating to health and safety, including a policy on alcohol and drugs.

Pre-employment testing

In safety sensitive workplaces pre-employment testing can be used by employers to show that they are serious about managing the alcohol and drug risks within the workplace. Stating in their job vacancy advertisements that there will be pre-employment testing can help to make it clear that they are serious about managing the risks and help to make sure that potential employees are aware of this from the start.

Where pre-employment testing is being used it is a good idea for employers to wait until the test results have been completed before making an offer of employment, this means there can be no argument that there is an employment relationship in place. In other words there should be a clean drug test result before a job offer is made rather than making a clean drug test a condition of a job offer which has been made and accepted.



What exactly is drug testing? –

Drug testing is the evaluation of urine, blood or other types of biological samples to determine if the subject has been using the drugs in question. – There are many circumstances that can lead to drug testing being required ……

(1)      Pre-employment or random testing, work related drug testing to 

identify “on the job” drug   abuse

(2)    Post accident drug testing – a vehicle or “on the job” accident may   have involved human error and resulted in casualties or property       damage

(3)     Safety related issues – impairment of ability as a result of drug  /alcohol use can cause safety issues

(4)    Random drug testing can actually occur without cause for suspicion depending on the company’s policy


As a prospective employer – you cannot force an applicant to take a drug test.  However you can generally inform the applicant that a test is required as a condition of employment …..if the applicant refuses to take the test, they can take themselves out of running for the job.



 It is important to note that there are 2 different types of drug testing:

(1)   ESR – full laboratory testing where a sample is sent to the laboratory – ie not instant

(2)   NON ESR – instant screening with results available immediately.
































































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